Year 7 Open Event for entry in September 2024 - ٸֱ


Year 7 Open Event for entry in September 2024


We were delighted to welcome current Year 6 students and their parents/carers to our Year 7 Open Event on THURSDAY 28TH SEPTEMBER 2023.

If you missed the event, you can find out additional information about the school and its admissions process on our website including a PROSPECTUS and additional ADMISSIONS information.  There is also information available on the Government's Compare Schools website (click here).

You may also wish to view the School's admissions policy, which details the oversubscription criteria.  A link to Bristol City Council's website for parents/carers to register and make their selection of preferred schools is also available by clicking .  

Here is some further information about us and useful links that you might like to view:

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