If you are looking for a reliable supplier for package including phone accessories, makeup, garments, Jewelery, gifts and luxury products,

Baoxinglong is a good choice for you. As a comprehensive manufactuer and exporter, we are able to offer diversified solutions for you.

We can also do OEM,ODM for any solution you can't find on our website, pls contact us at sales9@bxlprinting.com.


Shenzhen Baoxinglong printing and package is top 10 china paper packaging solution manufacturer,

equipped leading Heidelburg Offset UV 5C+L printing machine, passed FSC and ISO9001 certification,

We are Disney authorized golden supplier. Please contact us for details.

Shenzhen Baoxinglong Printing & Package Co.,ltd.

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Connie Cheng
Connie Cheng



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Shenzhen Baoxinglong Printing & Package Co.,ltd.


Baoxinglong Industrial building, The Third Industrial zone, Shangcun Xianan, Gongming Street, Guangming New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong ,China

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