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Our school Careers & Independent Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) Lead is Mrs Donovan. Their role is to provide impartial, objective advice and information to young people, and their parents, about the different pathways open to young people as they progress through their schooling.  

Mrs Donovan can be contacted by email or by contacting the school office on 0117 9424328

Careers Information Padlet 

Please take a look at the for regular careers updates and work experience opportunities.


external providers wishing to work with us


Meeting the requirements of the  provider access legislation

ٸֱ is committed  to meeting the requirements of the provider access legislation schools are required to adhere to as detailed at the link below to ensure all students are supported to understand the full range of education and training options. 


Schools and colleges have a responsibility to set students on the path that will secure the best outcome which will enable them to progress in education and work and give employers the highly skilled people they need. That means schools and colleges must act impartially, in line with their statutory duty or contractual requirement, and not show bias towards any route, be that academic or technical. They should promote a full range of technical options.

Providers wishing to work with the school should contact the academy’s Careers Leader Ceri Donovan at Requests will be considered on the basis of staffing availability to support the activity, impact on learning time, space/rooming availability and potential clashes with other activities.

To view an outline of our careers curriculum please click on the .


For further information regarding our careers policies and procedures, please refer to the Montpelier High School.



Our School Careers policy and programme

How can pupils, parents, teachers and employers access information about the careers programme?

To view an outline of our careers curriculum please click on the Learning Journey below.


Please refer to the Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance and Work-Related Education Policy for further information about the careers programme.



Measuring the Success of Our Careers Programme

How does the school measures and assesses the impact of the careers programme?

We use a mixture of staff, parent and pupil voice and assessment of Post-16 and Post-18 destinations to to evaluate the success and impact of our careers programme.

Please refer to the Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance and Work-Related Education Policy for further information regarding our provision.



Technical Education & Apprenticeships

In what circumstances will providers of technical education and apprenticeships be given access to Year 8 to 13 pupils?

To view an outline of our careers curriculum please click on the Learning Journey below.


Please refer to the Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance and Work-Related Education Policy for further information regarding our provision.


Our provision in this area is reviewed on an annual basis. 


Work Experience

Work experience supports students in their career planning and their next steps for Post-16 and beyond. It develops confidence, motivation, aspiration and direction to where they want to be in the future. Work experience allows development of employability and transferable life skills that will benefit students when applying for colleges, university and future employment. A positive work experience placement allow students to find out about various routes into careers and a taste of life outside of education.

Students in Year 10 and Year 12 will undertake a week of work experience during term 6. The process for finding and completing work placements for this week is as follows:

Students should begin by contacting companies/institutions to enquire about placements. The best way is usually by letter or email, and it is recommended to make a follow up phone call if no response has been received after approximately two weeks.

Students may wish to consider approaching friends and family for support with the application process and with finding appropriate placements.

Once a student has found a placement they should log their placement on our online careers programme Unifrog, which will then automatically contact their placement for further information to ensure students are safeguarded on placements. Once the documentation is received, parents/carers will be contacted to give permission for the student to attend and once this is received and all information reviewed, the school will formally agree for the student to attend. 

We encourage students to obtain extra placements in addition to the week defined above during their school holidays. Where students (including students in the sixth form) wish to attend a work placement opportunity within the school term we require parents/carers to complete a request for leave of absence form (accessible here:    ) giving full details of the placement and will consider the potential impact on student's learning, whether the placement could be completed out of term time, the attendance record of the student and the potential value provided by the proposed experience before permission can be given to attend.

Please refer to the  for additional information about work experience.


Gatsby Benchmarks

The careers support and activities at ٸֱ is aligned to the eight Gatsby benchmarks. The Gatsby benchmarks were created following an international study of career guidance.



Bristol City Council Post-16 Directory

The Bristol City Council Post-16 Directory contains listings of all the school sixth forms, sixth form colleges, further education colleges and training providers offering post-16 education, training and apprenticeships in and near Bristol. 



A Guide for Parents and Carers

The Success at School website have put together a guide to help parents and carers take a positive role in your child’s career journey. It covers all the basics – from university, apprenticeships and other pathways into work, to work experience and employability skills. It outlines job roles linked to each major school subject as well as exploring the jobs of the future.




Careerpilot provides expert careers information for 11-19 year olds, and is compiled by a consortium of universities and colleges in the South of England. Their aim is to increase the progression of young people to higher level study through providing online, impartial information and support about all progression routes.



national careers service

In addition to the careers programme provided in school, parents/carers and students can access the National Careers Service website for further advice and guidance and the opportunity to receive free independent careers advice from trained providers. 



Helping Your Child to Search and Apply for Apprenticeships

Parent's and Carers Pack

The Department for Education have produced an extensive guide with information for Parent's and Carers to support their children with finding apprenticeship opportunities and applications.