Student Parliament - ٸֱ


Student Parliament

At ٸֱ we are very proud of our Student Parliament.

Student Parliamentarians are the voice of our students.

They are democratically elected each school year by their peers. Every student in the school has the opportunity to be elected to the Parliament. It is an entirely inclusive and transparent process.

They represent the causes that are important to them, challenging the norm, shaping the future of the school and bring about change for their constituents – either in a focussed group on an issue or by representing their tutor group.

They are role models, guiding and empowering others to achieve their full potential.

We strongly believe in how offering student leadership opportunities allows students the experience of what it meant to be a global citizen in a changing world, and demonstrates how to make a difference in the world starting with their own community.

The Student Parliament work with a range of staff across the school and feedback to the leadership team regularly.

Examples of the work of the Student Parliament include

  • running regular ‘surgeries’ - drop-in sessions for students
  • monitor a suggestion box
  • develop their public speaking skills by delivering speeches in assemblies
  • represent the school at external events.